Using Screencast in the Math Classroom

Video Example of Screencast in the Classroom

Today I had my students solve some two-step equations and record their thinking. They first started the class working through two problems with me as guided practice. After they teamed up and solved the rest of the worksheet in pairs. When they were ready and confident with their answers, they recorded their thinking and explanations in Seesaw. The students then watched their parter’s explanations and videos and analyzed and critiqued each other’s work.

This is a great activity that my students always love completing and ask me to do daily! I need to figure out how to incorporate these assignments more in class. But there is a conventional risk involved. As teachers, we always feel that we should try to cover more content, instead of having students slow down and work more thoroughly just a few questions. It is my goal to slow down more and have students work through lesser questions, but have them explain their thinking along the way. It is my goal, so check back and watch me accomplish it!



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