Using Google Classroom and Quizlet

I’ve been using Classroom in my classroom for two years now, and I love its features. I’ve recently incorporated it with Quizlet. I made this video for my PLC teachers who are not familiar with using Classroom and Quizlet and how to interlock the two. My students have really enjoyed using Quizlet a lot this year, especially Live! Quizlet allows you assign flashcards to your students. They have a new feature called ‘Learn’ that remembers which questions students answer correctly and incorrectly. But really the hook of using Quizlet is Live. Students get into groups of at least 3 or 4 students and they compete on teams to find the answer on their screen to the question presented. It creates a collaborative environment in which all students are participating in a game, where they are authentically learning and engaged! But using Quizlet you can easily share your sets to your Google Classroom, making it very easy to add new flashcards.

Video Tutorial of using Classroom and Quizlet!

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